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  1. Hi Sorry re my ignorance, however I have read both Holliday cottage by the sea and The cottage on sunshine beach. I loved them both and wanted to know if the book about Leo and Isla is out or coming out?
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Holly
    It’s nearly 3am and I had to stay up snuggled and cosy in my bed and finish Christmas at Lilac Cottage! It’s the first of your novels that I have read and how I have enjoyed this, well I just can’t begin to tell you! I’ve loved it, been hooked on it, I have chuckled particularly with a LOL at the ‘porn’ scene and I fell in love with Penny, Henry and Daisy! I loved living Penny’s romance through your book! This book is just brilliantly funny, charming and definitely attractive ha ha just like Gorgeous Henry! Can’t wait to read another of your books x

  3. I have just finished reading Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage. I loved it and cannot believe I haven’t found you before. Can’t wait to read more.

  4. I have read every one of your books. All of them more than once(some too many times to count). I have laughed, cried and fell in love with all the characters.You have an amazing talent for writing books you just can’t put down. So thank you. And when can we expect the next amazing story? I really can’t wait.

  5. I have read 8 of your books in around 8 weeks. I can not put them down. I get so engrossed in them, I have to keep reading. The characters are so adorable and you can really submerge yourself into the stories. Great books, thoroughly recommend them. Holly you are amazing.

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  7. Hi Holly, I’ve recently discovered your books and cannot put them down! I love, love, love them and they’re just my ideal type of book – romantic, funny and just a real feel good read! I’ve nearly read them all now but I can’t seem to buy tied up with love in paperback anywhere! Is it only available in ebook now? Sarah xx

  8. Hello Holly,

    I just wanted to let you know that your book ‘The Summer of Chasing Dreams’ has rounded my Easter holiday off perfectly. I could barely put it down. I’ve enjoyed reading it so much that i fear i will be hammering Amazon when i get back home. I look forward to reading another one of your books very soon.

    Best wishes and many thanks


  9. Hi Holly, I’ve just finished reading “Summer at Rose Island”. I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end. I fell in love with both Darcy and Riley whilst they were falling in love with each other. I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times,its such a feel good story and left me with a warm glow. Its only the second of your books I have read, but I have already ordered more and cant wait to read them to. Brilliant thank you

  10. I just ‘found’ you and bought a few of your books for my Kobo. I finished reading Spring at Blueberry Bay last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kind of guessed how it would end but the way you got us there was both sad in part and hilariously funny. I actually ‘laughed out loud’ a few times and am looking forward to the next on my list which I think is Summer at Buttercup Beach. These are just the kind of books I enjoy reading so…Thank You Holly

      • Summer at Buttercup Beach is finished now…more ‘laugh out loud’ moments and the storyline was quite believable. Goodness, don’t we humans make things more complicated than they need to be haha. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I started Christmas at Mistletoe Cove straight after it as keen to see what Eden and Dougie get up to.

  11. Holly,
    I just finished The Summer of Chasing Dreams…let me just say that it was one of the most entertaining and joyful books that I have read. What great characters! I do hope that you will continue their story….does Thor publish his children’s books? Does Eva illustrate them? What other adventures await and do they they raise Blossom (it has to be Blossom) to be an adventure seeker…what is Blossom’s story…. so many questions…Thank you!

  12. Hi Holly,
    I have never left a review for an author before but I felt really compelled to write one for you. I have only read two of your books so far and I am TOTALLY hooked. The first one, Christmas at Lilac Cottage, gave me sleepless nights….I could NOT put it down and then wanted to wake early to read more! I loved the characters involved and laughed out loud when Penny came up with the porn to hide the truth from Daisy. Such a memorably funny moment. Loved the story from start to finish (although I felt sad when I came to the end page)
    When I started reading ‘Summer at Rose Island’ I was instantly hooked and LOVED the fact that there were mentions of characters from Christmas at Lilac Cottage as it felt like their stories were carrying on. I fell in love with the yummy Riley, Darcey and the people of the village too. One of the funniest moments for me was the crisp butty scene. I LOVED this story too to bits and when it came to the end I found that I couldn’t quite leave it so chose not to and re-read it again!
    I CAN’T wait to read the next one
    Thanks Holly for writing such beautiful, funny, inspiring and TRULY lovable books!

    • Thank you so much, I’m thrilled you’ve loved the White Cliff Bay series. There is another book in that series called Snowflakes on Silver Cove, its actually set in the same week as Christmas at Lilac Cottage so you’ll see the same key events but told from a different couple’s point of view. You might also like the Hope Island series, starting with Spring at Blueberry Bay

  13. Ooh thank you so much for the recommendations, I will definitely take a read of those. I meant to write the ‘people of the town’ in my previous message instead of village. My excitement of expressing my love for your books took over.

  14. Hi, I have read a few of your books and just wondered if any need to be read in a particular order. I really don’t like to get them mixed up as it may give ‘spoiler alerts’!! Thanks for some really lovely laugh out loud and lovely smile moments. Great feel good books. Just love them.

  15. Hello Holly, I’ve just finished ‘ The Little Village of Happiness ‘ . I loved it and want to pack up and move there!!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Amanda x

  16. Hi Holly,
    I’ve just finished reading ‘The Holiday Cottage by the Sea’ and have loved it 😃 It made me laugh and smile. Love the characters, the fiestyness of the girls and everyone needs an Aidan in their lives 😍 Thank you xx

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