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    1. Hi Holly
      I’ve just finished book 3 of the Sentinel series. When is book 4 coming out please.

    2. You novels are wonderful,sad at times,but that’s how life is.Also very romantic,happy and true to life.I’m a busy person,but I find my quiet times every day for you wonderful novels. Thank you!

    3. Hi, just wanted to say that I have read both your xmas books and thouroughly enjoyed both, I loved the little subtle references from book one, as I was disappointed to have finished it so quickly!
      Looking forward to your next book x

  1. Hi holly I read your fairytail beginnings. It was amazing. I enjoyed it so much that I can’t even explain. I thought I must let you know how magical and slightly thrilling it was. Thank you for writing so well.

  2. Hi I stumbled on your book by just flicking through some to pass the time away as I’m on the sick from work have to say it only took 2days to read as I couldn’t put it down,it was well written,funny and lovely to read,well done can’t wait to get the next one
    Thank You keep up the good work

  3. I have just finished reading Christmas at Lilac cottage and I loved it. The trouble is I read most of it yesterday and finished it this morning! Holly’s books are so addictive I don’t get anything else done. I loved the characters in this book, they really came to life. I could picture Penny’s cottage with her log fire and her big fat dog snuggled up! The ice sculpture stuff was brilliant too. Looking forward to Snowflakes on Silver Cove now! Thanks Holly.

    1. I have just finished Snowflakes at Silver Cove. My first by Holly. I loved every page of it. It had me laughing out loud and saying oh-oh. Can hardly wait to read more by Holly.

  4. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story Christmas At Lilac Cottage. I loved the caricatures and the setting. I nearly hurst my stitches laughing over Bernard and his wind problem. Thank you for making my recovery from breast cancer easier. Looking forward to reading the next story x

      1. I just finished your 2Christmas books I loved them first time ive heard of you very good writer.I thought snowflake was hilarious I laughed so much thanks Alice merry Christmas

  5. I am currently reading “Christmas at Lilac Cottage”. Loving it so far. There is a little language difference between the UK and the United States where I live, but I am picking up quickly! As in ie: hob and stove, rubbish at something and suck at it! Just to name a few! Lol

    1. Haha glad you are enjoying it. The differences between UK and US do make me laugh. One of my best friends is American and we do have a giggle over the different language words or way of life

  6. Hi Holly, I’ve just read Fairytale Beginnings and had to say how truly magical it was from start to finish. I read it during my flight and first night of jet lag during our trip to Walt Disney World. I am terrified of flying, so this book was just perfect to start the disney magic. Cant wait to read another of your books soon. Specially now I’m back in the cold UK.

    1. I’m so pleased you loved it, thank you. It was great fun to write and there were lots of very tiny Disney references in there too that weren’t so obvious as the big ones. ‘Let it go’ & ‘Just keep swimming’ made it in there along with several others

  7. I have just finished Snowflakes, I loved it. I had a thought and Ian sure many of your readers woul agree both Christmas atLilac Cottage and Snowflakes on Silver Cove would make beautiful Christmas films.
    I have got my sister hooked on your books now as well. Just sad I have finished reading both books. Look forward to the next one…. Keep writing X

  8. Just finished ‘Christmas at Lilac Cottage.’ It was amazing! I loved Penny and just wanted to read on and see what happened with her and Henry. I was sad when it was finished, I wanted more! Excited to read Snowflakes on Silver Cove! Thank you for a fantasticly enjoyable read!

  9. Really love your books Holly, I am really enjoying reading them. I have read Christmas at Lilac Cottage, Snowflakes on Silver Cove and Fairytale Beginnings and am just starting on One Hundred Proposals. Love them! Keep up the good work!

  10. Hello Holly having read lilac cottage and loved it have just finished snowflakes loved that too! Keep up the good work want more of penny and Henry and co. X

  11. Holly, you are an amazing author! I am loving reading the White Cliff Bay series at the moment – both books are so heartwarming and I have not been able to put them down! I can not wait to read the rest of your novels. Have a fantastic Christmas! x

  12. Hi holly. I have just read Christmas at lilac cottage. Really heart warming. So nice to read a book that’s full of joy! Am going to read the second part now and will definitely be reading more from you. 😊 ❤

  13. Hi Holly,

    Ive just read Christmas at Lilac Cottage and am now half way through reading Snowflakes on Silver Cove. Your books have given me some joy in a difficult time in my life and i cannot thank you enough for giving me something to help keep my mind occupied. I will be reading more from you.

    Keep writing and take care!
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  14. Just finished fairytale beginnings after getting it for Christmas, so I finished it in 4 days. I loved the book, I fell for the storyline, the characters and the book overall. ❤️

  15. I’ve just finished reading Lilac Cottage and now Snowflakes at Silver Cove and just had to add a really well done for getting me back to reading again.(I usually read non-fiction). I just could not put them down. They had everything you would expect of romance – funny, thought provoking and just plain enjoyable. The way you entwined the two stories together in Snowflakes and then linking back to Lilac Cottage was brilliant. As these two books seemed to be a sequence what do recommend I read next? Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you so much, I’m thrilled you enjoyed the White Cliff Bay series. There is a new book in the same series coming out in May. You might also enjoy some of my older stories, Fairytale Beginnings or One Hundred Proposals. Xx

  16. Dear Holly Martin, I am a new reader but You have me hooked….I was just scrolling thru and bought your book Snowflakes on Silver Cove as I wanted a Christmas book to read over the holidays… I have just finished it and loved it …fell in love with George and could just put myself in Penny’s shoes……although I said more than once just tell him…Now I wish I had read Christmas at Lilac Cottage first but didn’t know there was a series… I will be looking for your book in May, hope it continues their lives.
    Also plan on ordering the others …Fairytail Beginnings and One hundred proposals .
    Thanks for making Christmas special and Happy New Year.

    1. So happy you enjoyed Snowflakes On Silver Cove. The two books in the White Cliff Bay series, Snowflakes on Silver Cove and Christmas at Lilac Cottage can be read in any order as they follow the lives of different characters in the same town. Book 3 will have a bit more of George and Libby but the main story will follow 2 new characters, Riley and Darcy

  17. I have just finished reading Christmas at Lilac Cottage and i absolutely loved it! One of the best books i have ever read. Thank you for writing this book! Such a wonderful and heart warming storyline. I instantly fell for Penny, Henry and Daisy. I would be over the moon if You decide to write the second part of this book. Wedding and a new baby! Very exciting!

  18. WOW.. I have now finished reading four of your books over Christmas including the two you suggested Fairy tale beginnings and One hundred proposals and enjoyed them all. It’s the way you make plots and intrigues of romance so believable (ghosts?) as well as entertaining with the lovely funny bits in between. Harry’s character in One hundred proposals was so lovable I couldn’t see why Suzie didn’t jump into his arms in the first chapter but then I would have missed all those wonderful proposal places that you described so well. Must visit some! Next on my kindle will be to catch up on your earlier publication ‘the Guest book’ but wondered if One hundred ‘Christmas’ Proposals was a sequel and I should read that first. You are now my favourite author. Best wishes. From Happy Reader (Wendy)

    1. Thank you so much, I’m so pleased you enjoyed my books. Yes One Hundred Christmas Proposals is the sequel to One Hundred Proposals, so many people wanted to see more of Harry and Suzie so I wrote a sweet sequel so we could catch up with them.

  19. I randomly stumbled into your books whilst trying to find something to take my mind of the post christmas January blues, and even though they were based on Christmas; they were what i needed to cheer myself up.
    I really enjoyed the two white cliff bay books, and I was hoping to ask if you had planned on writing anymore about this gorgeous little town and its quirky characters? As I would love to find out about of of the residents and catch up on how the others are getting along. And now I’ve found your other books, I think ill get stuck it not those too. You really are a wonderful writer, and there really cheered up my January.

    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the White Cliff Bay series, thank you for telling me. The next book in the series is called Summer at Rose Island and is out in May and follows the lives of 2 other residents of the town, Riley and Darcy. George and Libby will also feature in it quite frequently too

      1. They really are a couple of truly lovely books, I am a bit Christmas mad you could say, but i’ve never thought to read books about christmas and I’ve never really got into romances either. But once I started your book, I couldn’t put it down. And I am very happy to hear we will hearing more of their stories, I cannot wait.

      2. Hi Holly, I have just finished all 3 White Cliff Bay Audible Books and just loved them! They transported me out of my busy and often chaotic life! Please please please write more in the white cliff bay series – Is there any chance of more this year? 🙂 Have a great 2017!

      3. I’m so happy you enjoyed the audio books. I don’t think they’ll be any more in the White Cliff Bay series but they’ll always be lots more books. I had 2 that came out at Christmas and 3 more new books this year

  20. HI Holly!!! I so loved your Fairytale Beginnings!!! It’s just so magical!!! I’m looking forward to read your other books!!! ❤

  21. Hi Holly. Just a little note to say that I am writing Amazon reviews on each of my reads to encourage other readers to read your books. I so enjoyed them I want others to experience the joy and happiness that I have had as a new reader of your stories. We often need the feel good factor in our lives especially when life throws those curve balls in our way. So thank you Holly. Happy Reader Wendy

  22. I really enjoyed the Christmas at lilac cottage and snow flakes on silver cove. I had moments of surprises and laughed so hard. Glad it didn’t work out with cerys. Kinda felt things would finally work out. Suggest these to any reader that wants to be kept in suspense and on edge, can’t lay it down feeling. Loved it.

  23. Holly, I accidentally found one of your books and I went back to purchase ALL of them. I absolutely love your characters and your witty writing style. I fall in love with the characters as much as they fall in love with each other. It actually pains me to end a book! Please, please, please keep writing!!!!

  24. Holly, I’m very excited….. I have just pre-ordered your next book, Summer at Rose Island – I cannot wait for it to be delivered x I just love your books and have several on my ‘wish-list’

  25. Holly, your books were so creative and the details painted a ” movie ” in my mind. Thank you for making these incredible books. They are just about my favorite books ever.

  26. I loved Christmas at the lilac cottage – its the first christmas booked I found and LOVED. Such a lovely, feel good read.
    I have just purchased a few more of your books so can’t wait to get stuck in to them and look forward to this Christmas so I can enjoy ‘Snowflakes on Silver Cove’ (I’m weird, have to read by seasons 😀 haha) xx

    1. Haha I’m so glad you enjoyed Lilac Cottage. Snowflakes on Silver Cove is set in the same week as Lilac Cottage, so you’ll see some of the same events in the town again but told from another point of view. And they’ll be another 2 books out this Christmas

  27. Hi Holly. I have to say, I’m hooked on your books, I simply struggle to put them down and feel bereft when I come to the end of one! Can you tell me if there is to be a book 4 of The Sentinel series? Many thanks

  28. Well I’ve just finished ” snowflakes on silver cove” and I’ve got to say I loved it! You wrote about my favourite subject..Christmas! That’s what made me choose the book from Amazon and the gorgeous picture on the front. As for George & Libby…Finally!!! Wanted to jump into the book and bang their heads together! And the beautiful Amy & Seb.Awwwww!! Keep up the excellent writing,starting ” Christmas at lilac cottage” tomorrow. Can’t wait to find out about gorgeous Henry & Penny! Loved your work,keep it coming xxxx

    1. Thank you so much, George is one of my favourite characters, I’m so pleased you loved him too. Christmas at Lilac Cottage is set in the same week as Snowflakes on Silver Cove, so you’ll see some of the key events told from a different point of view. Hope you enjoy it.

  29. I have just read The Guestbook, loved it, loved it, loved it! So fresh and different to any other book I have read. I have (I think) all of your books on my Kindle and I am waiting to start the next one. What I would like to do is read them in the order you wrote them, would it be possible to have a list please. xx

    1. Thank you for your message, I’m so pleased you enjoyed The Guestbook, its very different to anything else I’ve written. My books are mostly completely standalone and can be read in any order but if you do want to read them in the order that I wrote them it is;
      The Guestbook
      One Hundred Proposals
      One Hundred Christmas Proposals
      Beneath the Moon and the Stars (written under my pen name, Amelia Thorne)
      Tied Up With Love (written under Amelia Thorne)
      Fairytale Beginnings
      Christmas at Lilac Cottage
      Snowflakes on Silver Cove
      Summer at Rose Island
      Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky
      Christmas Under a Starlit Sky

      There are also my three YA fantasy books too
      The Sentinel
      The Prophecies
      The Revenge

      You can read more about all my books on my ‘Books’ page of this blog

  30. Loved the White Cliff series….will there be more? Going to start Christmas under a Cranberry Sky next! Keep up the great work!!

  31. Holly, I just found you recently and am ‘binge reading’! Read Lilac Cottage and Silver Cove, as well as Cranberry Sky and am just starting Starlit Sky. I adore your stories. Your characters are wonderfully drawn, seeming like people I’d want to know. Even the pets are realistic and engaging! The dialogue is charming and often funny. These lighthearted stories make me smile. I am SO happy I came upon your wonderful books! Keep writing and I’ll gladly keep reading!

  32. Just finished the first 2 books of White Cliff Bay! They are so much fun to Read! I laughed at Amy’s antics in her giant penis costume, her purple hair dye and her sweet, generous ways. You have a way of making each character jump from the page and exist in my world. Thank you for these wonderful stories. I will be getting more of your books very soon

  33. Hi I have just finished reading Christmas at Lilac Cottage, and enjoyed it so much (I will definitely read more of your books) loved the story, yes I laughed lots, also cried when Henry found Penny in freezer, it was a truly lovely story. Well done 😀

  34. Hi,
    I loved One hundred proposals ! Suzy and Harry are lovely together and I was delighted to read about their adventure all around the world 🙂 Your story is wonderful and I thought that I was with them for every proposal ! I was so sad when I read the last page.. would we have another Suzy and Harry’s adventure? 😊
    PS : I’m sorry if I have made mistakes but I’m French 😃

    1. Hi Carine, your English is perfect. I’m so happy you fell in love with One Hundred Proposals, its one of my favourite stories. There is a short sequel called One Hundred Christmas Proposals which follows Harry and Suzie as they celebrate their first Christmas together.

      1. Hi 🙂
        Do you know if any of your books will be translated en French (except One Hundred Proposals) ? 🙂 If not do you think I could read one in English even though I am not fluent in English ? Thanks for your answer ! 😀

      2. One hundred christmas proposals was also translated into Feench but only in ebook. At the moment there are no plans to translate any other stories but I think you would be able to read my books in English, your English is very good. Do you speak any other languages as I have other books in different languages

  35. Hi,

    Fell in love with penny at lilac college just wish there was more I could read. I got so happy for her didn’t want the book to end but it did. Love your books so romantic and sweet. Keep on writing.

    1. So happy you enjoyed it. Snowflakes on Silver Cove is set in the same week and in the same town as Lilac Cottage so you might enjoy that too. Summer at Rose Island is set 6 months later, it follows different characters but you’ll see Henry and Penny and George and Libby (from Snowflakes on Silver Cove) as background characters

  36. Just finished Spring at Blueberry bay! Absolutely loved it! You should do a sequel for Isaac and Bella’s story, would really like it to continue!

  37. Hi Holly! I fell in love with Darcy and Riley in Summer at Rose Island! I loved the book! I read that it’s the last one of the White Cliff Bay series. I look forward to reading Christmas at Lilac Cottage and Snowflakes on Silver Cove. In Summer at Rose Island I got to know a little about Penny, Henry, Libby and George and I’m interested about their stories as well! Thank you! Bye:)

  38. Holly,

    Thank you for your books. They are so hard to put down! They endings are so satisfying, I read them more than once! I just finished reading The Holiday Cottage by the Sea. So lovely. I can’t wait for The Cottage on Sunshine Beach. Will you be writing a book about Isla and Leo? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how happy your books make me.

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